The Organization of Ukrainian Producers has just started

In March 2022 seven Ukrainian film and TV producers made up an organization for filming Ukrainian documentaries about Russian military aggression. 

Confounding producers are Volodymyr Borodianskiy, Victor Mirsky (Founder & Producer Group), Daria Leygonie-Fialko (Founder & Producer Space Production), Alla Lypovetska (Founder & Producer Mamas Film Production), Iryna Zaria (Founder & Producer Novaya Studia), Maryna Kvasova (Founder & Producer Mamas Film Production), and Ihor Storchak (Founder & Producer Gingers Media).  

“The goal is to unite our best capabilities to maximize the impact, and attract as many Ukrainian media workers as possible — to create for them new jobs in these turbulent times,” said the founding producers.

The OUP purpose is to produce documentaries and educational films and series that will tell the world about origins, causes and consequences of the Russian war in Ukraine.

The founders of the organization are experienced producers that shoot and distribute content successfully. For decades the cofounders of the OUP have produced 10000+ hours of films and TV content, sold to 100+ countries, including the USA, the UK, the EU, China, Japan, and distributed on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV.

Each cofounder made to the OUP a personal irrevocable cash contribution. The association also looks for new investors and partners from Ukraine and abroad. 

The association plans to release its first films within a few months.