#Маріуполь #Надія/Mariupol. Hope book will be read abroad

The rights to the book #Маріуполь #Надія/Mariupol. Hope were sold to Korea and Slovakia. The book was published by the Laboratory publishing house in February 2023.

It captures the reality of Ukrainians at the beginning of the Russia’s full-scale aggression. The history of the Russian-Ukrainian war is described through the eyes of Mariupol journalist Nadia Sukhorukova.

The book was co-produced by the Organization of Ukrainian Producers (OUP). Before that, inspired by this Nadia diary, we shot a documentary film “Mariupol. Unlost hope.”

Volodymyr Borodyansky, co-founder of OUP, co-producer of the book #Маріуполь #Надія/Mariupol. Hope: “It’s important for memory, who and how can describe a tragedy. The tragedy itself, without description, will be forgotten and become just a history without conclusions, without actions. This book is a diary that imprints on us the need to be strong and prepared, now and after our victory.”

Also the book #Маріуполь #Надія/Mariupol. Hope was one of top-6 at the XI Kyiv Book Arsenal in a section dedicated to the topic of the Russo-Ukrainian war. This rating was presented by indie bookstore Syaivo for Chytomo.



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