The group of students, who are studying to be actors in the university, is forced to relocate to Western Ukraine after the war started. There they are trying to keep up with the study. They are young, talented and dream about becoming professional actors. The only obstacle on their way is the final , graduation play. The play written by a Russian classic that they have been rehearsing since before the war. Part of them refuses to perform in the production jeopardising further education of others. Together they are looking for the solution and trying to understand: why among thousands of plays has been chosen a piece of Russian culture that at the moment is “saving” them with bombs.

Duration: 52′

Film crew:
Idea — Evgen Tunik, Oleksii Gladushevskii
Director — Valentin Shpakov
Producers — Daria Leygonie-Fialko, Kateryna Laskari, Oleksii Gladushevsky

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