October 2022

Documentary film “Mariupol. Occupied” discovers how the Ukrainian city of Mariupol lived through its occupation by the Russian troops in April-September 2022. The film consists of three parts that cover the entry of the Russian military, life during occupation and changes

A documentary about art, its function, its meaning and its development during the ongoing war. About artists in real and creative trenches. Art has proven to be a strong tool for survival and transformation, served as an anthem to continue fighting,

The group of students, who are studying to be actors in the university, is forced to relocate to Western Ukraine after the war started. There they are trying to keep up with the study. They are young, talented and dream

In 2022 Ukraine has become the proving ground for an arsenal of contemporary cyber warfare techniques from mobile applications, drones and satellites to bringing forth a shift in the economy of war through cryptocurrency. With civilians playing an active role in

Documentary film “The Lost House” will tell the stories of people whose homes were destroyed by the Russian invaders. The film authors visited the Kyiv region after the Russian army occupation in spring 2022 — Borodyanka, Bucha, Irpin, Makariv, Andriivka,

During the war, a small boy calls the laptop of his missing dad, but it happens to be at a volounteer girl's. The boy asks her to find his parents. The volounteer girl finds cues in the laptop. But to