As the war in Ukraine rages on, another front is looming – a financial one. The battle for reparations.

While some think tanks believe International courts are not in a position to award compensation and the UN would have no enforcement power, others are convinced that both the practical and moral case for reparations by Russia to Ukraine is strong.

Columbia Law School announced the establishment of the International Claims and Reparations Project (ICRP), which will examine and propose legal frameworks for the management of international
claims brought before it.

At the same time Lawyers led by McCue Jury & Partners and Mishcon de Reya LLP are seeking investments from money managers to go after billions of dollars held by sanctioned Russian individuals and companies. These are non-state groups taking up a role well fit for world organizations and powerful governments.

We will study the cases of past reparations governments had to pay after failed expansionist attempts as well as talk to the Russian oligarchs whose assets are now frozen.

Producers — Viktor Mirsky, Igor Storchak

Duration: 90′

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