Documentary film “Mariupol. Occupied” discovers how the Ukrainian city of Mariupol lived through its occupation by the Russian troops in April-September 2022.

The film consists of three parts that cover the entry of the Russian military, life during occupation and changes in the locals’ mood. The movie covers different types of human behaviour, explores the logic of collaborationists and things that are now being said by those who welcomed the “Russian piece” into the city that has now been destroyed by it. Why did they stay and how do they survive? This is a
film-testimony in which ordinary people tell their stories.

“Mariupol. Occupied.” will be the second film of the Organization of Ukrainian Producers series about Mariupol. The first — “Mariupol. Unlost Hope” — was launched in August 2022 and told how the Russian occupation came to Mariupol.

Duration: 52′

Film crew
Author of the idea — Tala Prystaetska
Director — Max Lytvynov
Journalist — Natalia Kruzhilina
Cameraman — Yuriy Smetanin
Producers — Organization of Ukrainian Producers (OUP), Volodymyr Borodyansky, Iryna Plahotniuk

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