The OUP has selected the first projects

The Organization of Ukrainian Producers selected the first 7 projects.

One project is currently in production and development – it’s documentary about Ukrainian refugees in Germany “Main Station of Hope”. It will tell the story of Ukrainian refugees for whom the world will never be the same. In search for a safe place they come to a hospitable but unknown Europe. And when the war will be over Ukrainians will depart to their significantly changed country from the same train station.

Documentary “9 Lives” tells about animals during the war. They live with their humans in subways and shelters, are bombed and rescued by volunteers from locked apartments. 

The authors of the war documentary “Against All Odds” will answer the question of how Ukraine was able to stand up to the Russian troops, though world experts gave it no more than 3 days. 

“Nuclear Legacy” is a story how the country with the world’s third nuclear potential had voluntarily renounced nuclear weapons, trusting security guarantees of the largest world powers and now lies in ruins. But this is not a story about the past, but about the future. A future with no trust in the world anymore, and where the weapons of mass destruction are the only guarantee of security. It’s about a future choked-full with these weapons that it is simply impossible not to use them.

Film “Propaganda. The new WMD” (the weapon of mass destruction) explores how Russian propaganda was created and spread, and to what it led, and also the documentary raises the question of responsibility. Should propagandists sit at a prisoners’ dock together with other war criminals?

“Mariupol. Unlost Hope” is a story of the city where everything but hope has been destroyed. This is a story of a crime through the eyes of a victim who managed to survive. Mariupol journalist Nadiya Sukhorukova saw hundreds of deaths in less than a month. She wrote down everything she had experienced.

The OPU plans to release its first films within a few months.