It is difficult for everyone in wartime, but pets are especially defenseless.

Their destinies are tied with the destinies of their people. They are rescued or abandoned, taken to distant lands or left to wait for the human at his grave. There will be a subjective camera — a war through the eyes of a cat, dog, wolf.

This is, of course, a film about people too. Ukrainians, as it turned out, do not leave their pets. Together they hide in shelters, ride in evacuation trains, run when hear sounds of air alarms, come under missiles and sometimes risk their lives to help a friend.

We will have Kotopapa a guy who volunteers for saving cats.

There will be a girl who took to evacuation the whole dog shelter.

We will see a military sapper dog Patron.

There will be stories of veterinarians and a zoo.

And a special, wartime, catharsis.

Duration — 40′

Film crew
Director — Igor Goma
Creative producer — Yury Mukulenko
Producers — Alla Lypovetska, Maryna Kvasova

Exclusive Worldwide Distribution by Autentic