Any city’s train station is a door to a new life, but this time for most Ukrainians it literally is a one. The film Main Station of Hope” will tell the story of Ukrainian refugees in Europe 

The movie explores depths of humanism, which a person discovers in him/her self sometimes without even expecting: self-sacrifice, and gratitude, and endurance.

Four stories of Ukrainian heroes are all dramatic. For example, a woman who escaped from a war zone by car with her two daughters and two friends. A Russian tank went out and aimed the car. She shouted Down! But not everyone managed to do this quickly enough.

A story about German judge who watched TV at home, then got up and went volunteering at the railway station. He goes there every day as for a second job. Why? What clicked in him? What an impulse has materialized?

Great troubles help people to reveal themselves. The film is about these revelations, but all of them are about the best side of human nature, about ideals of humanity. It fascinates and changes the viewer.

All the stories are united by the main character of the film Berlin main railway station.


Duration: 40′

Film crew
Script — Nina Shulika
Directors — Natalya Miroshnichenko, Yana Fedosenko
Director of photography — Richard Marks
Producers — Alla Lypovetska, Maryna Kvasova